No one is more responsible for great work from you, than you.You are definitely one of your obstacles. You lie to yourself and so many other people who you might have stopped realizing that you’re actually lying. Here are some lies and truth on when we’ll do our greatest work:


We are not yet ready to work on our greatest work. Our masterpiece. That one piece of art that will define history and us more than any of our work. That’s a lie that has you and your team as prisoners.

Our greatest work awaits us, somewhere in the future we will get there, eventually. That’s nothing but procrastination and apathy.

We need to have a hundred percent alignment in certain areas so that we can get started on changing the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Wait a little and your greatest work, your masterpiece will just materialize. That’s a lie we tell ourselves. We deceive ourselves in very subtle ways.

Creating our masterpiece will be a momentous occasion. The world will definitely stop and acknowledge that occasion.

These are all lies that get in the way of when we’ll do our greatest work.

The Truth

We can create great excuses for just about anything. In fact, this is where the creative energy of most goes.

The truth is that your ‘masterpiece’, whatever it is, is not something that will happen one day. Many of the great leaders, artists etc., accomplished their greatest works.

Get that? They accomplished their greatest work.

Their work did not happen on them. An accomplishment is something you work toward, not a surprise party for you. Surprise parties are prepared for you without your knowledge. Accomplishments will have you engaged. Actively involved in making things happen. This applies in your personal life and leadership.

You must work.

Everyday is laden with potential for you to do your greatest work. Each step in getting better in leading or craft is a critical block in creating your greatest work. Your team or organization builds their greatest work every time they work at doing something and being better than the previous day.

When you tinker and make changes, even small ones, you build your greatest work. If you’re focused on getting better everyday, you’re building your greatest work everyday.

It may not look like it. Sometimes our attempt to get better looks worse than where we were yesterday, but that is just the nature of creating masterpieces.

Hack away in your obscure corner and soon enough, you will lift your head and join the rest of the world in awe of the fruits of your labor.

Our greatest work is something we do a step a time. When we consistently and constantly ship, we are doing our greatest work. It is not an event we arrive at but hard work, consistently. One step at a time. Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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