Why Not Doing Something You’re Passionate About Is Killing You

I had coffee with some great people this morning. Something Andrew Coles said about dreams got me thinking… Living in the realm of clear sight will strongly move you. Clear sight is often the first step. By clear sight I mean more than just vision. I mean having a sense of purpose that your vision will give. Not only that, but being able to see what goes where to make your vision. Absolute clarity is not always going to be.

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So That…

Vision can never become reality without pursuit. While the picture of vision may be romantic, its pursuit is often far from it. Vision without any action to make it a reality is, at best, a great daydream. Heretic leaders are separated from day-dreamers by pursuit of their vision Realizing vision is creating change. Change involved … Continue reading So That…

The Power Of Clear Sight

People are moved by what they see. We live in the most visual time humanity has ever known. Technology is focused on creating vivid pictures using high-definition lens and screens.

We have binoculars so we can bring distant things closer and see them with a clarity distance robs from our unaided eyes.

We do not just tell stories, but also show them. If the visual things did not matter, Hollywood would not be as big as it is.

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