Everyone has shortcomings. Leaders aren’t excused. Being in a leadership role magnifies both your strengths and shortcomings. Leader, the platform of leadership magnifies who you are.

Not all leaders know how to acknowledge their shortcomings. Some leaders do not acknowledge their shortcomings, as they want to be seen as perfect. Wanting others to see us as perfect is a default setting in us that does not help us be better people or leaders.

Insecurity makes leaders put up a front, causing leaders to overcompensate in areas they need not. It is important of us to acknowledge our shortcomings.

3 Reasons You Must Acknowledge Your Shortcomings:


Acknowledging your shortcomings is liberating for the one who does it. When we don’t acknowledge our own shortcomings to ourselves we set ourselves up for putting pressure on ourselves to be what we are not.

When we make peace with what we are not the next step is to let those who walk with us.


When you acknowledge your shortcomings tells people around you what to expect or entrust you with. There is nothing wrong with not being able to do certain things. What is wrong is not making those you serve and serve with aware of them.

Acknowledging shortcomings forms the bedrock of synergy

By acknowledging your shortcomings you allow others to set you free to focus more on your strengths, and helping you maximize in your areas of strength.


Credibility is easily lost when we say, openly or otherwise, we can do something and fail to do so. Not acknowledging shortcomings sets you up for failure.

When you acknowledge to your team and those close to you where your shortcomings are you gain credibility, not lose it.

When we do not say we cannot do something it is assumed we can.

Facilitating conversations about shortcomings and strengths at individual level for people in your team is the first level of success for all of you individually and as a team.

Acknowledging shortcomings is more empowering than being secretive about them.


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