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A weird thought I just had (I know you get those from time to time as well). What if I let someone tweet it blog on my behalf, as if they were me. It might reveal how well the person knows me. It could also reveal how they think I […]

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This was a job ad I saw in a newspaper. Imagine that! An earth moving mechanic… I had no idea such existed. Where can I sign up to be that? Communication happens when the message received by the receiver is as intended by the sender There’s always room for misinterpretation. […]

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The soul of many organisations is often compromised when its leaders want to be right all the time. Wanting to be right at all times must never come at the expense of the vision of an enterprise. Wanting to be right all the time means no one else’s opinion, insight […]

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I waited for the temperature to get a little cooler so I could go for my run. When it was cool enough i had a lengthy “Question & Answer” sessions with myself. “Should I go? Do I have to go now? What about running tomorrow morning?” Should I go for […]

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wpid 20130814 180155 Views and Vantage Points

vantage points allow us to have a holistic view.

in dealing with anything we must always consider the possible vantage points.

wpid 20130814 180219 Views and Vantage Points

it is only when we step out of the painting, to stop being a part of it, sometimes for a moment, do we appreciate all its elements.

once we appreciate the view from the vantage point we must also consider moving about at the vantage point, in search of other possible angles.

wpid IMG 20130814 WA0002 Views and Vantage Points

seeing from different perspectives is effort and discipline. it has to be learned. a learning and empathy exercise we have to be conscious and present in.

all this is important in dealing with challenges and frustration. it is important in looking at innovation, planning new initiatives.

in a team context it will be helpful to define what vantage points look like for you.

it is even more important to define vantage point in each context.

do you all have a clear understanding of what objectivity looks like.

my question, now: what can you do to be conscious of the need to address your view or that of the team as individuals or collectively?