Hello Day; Now To Own You!

Start of a new day. Sunrise, a mini “reset”. Hello day; time to own you. The day is already made, then we get to make the day.

Not just what’s in it but what we also put in it. Not just what it does to us but we do to the day.

That 24 hours everyone gets, yet uses in diverse ways with matching outcomes. A day; a building block. Time to build a little, soon what can be grand.

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What To Do With Concepts And Ideas You Can’t Execute, Yet

Perhaps I’m a dreamer. Well, at least, I have moments when my creativity dominates my mind-space. It is usually in those times I’m flooded with ideas, concepts and such.

A few years ago I started an ideas journal of sort. Evernote is one app I’ve found immensely helpful. It enables me to capture ideas and other thoughts in an indexable and searchable way.

Being able to capture ideas is the least of all my challenges. All dreamers will tell you that the dreaming part is always the easiest. There are those ideas you can do something about. What to do with concepts and ideas you can’t execute, yet?

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What Some Mistake For Influence, Don’t Drink That Cool Aid

So, I got tweeted — an offer to buy followers!

Some people do this. It’s lame! The thing about buying “followers” — not even legit people or accounts — is that it’s not true influence.

A lot of fake followers are for giving an illusion of influence. This tweet is a classic example of what some mistake for influence, don’t drink that cool aid!

True influence is built; usually over time. Worthy character is not a credit card or PayPal transaction.

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The Tension Of Team Critique And Mission

Critique is necessary for development and growth. We love it when we’re doing great and, let’s be honest, it sucks, stings when we aren’t. I’m convinced that critique is necessary. However, if not done properly it does the opposite of what it ought to achieve.

The challenge for me as a leader is to always better pursuit of our mission with all the teams I lead. This means troubleshooting and addressing everything that could trip us up. The other side of it is that while I lead others I’m accountable to others who lead me as well.

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On Downtime, Performance And Longevity

I took this photo at Kalk Bay harbour. Always a very exciting place to go to unwind. I haven’t had much downtime before this, and today I made a point of stopping. Forcing some downtime.

This was critical reminder for me on downtime, performance and longevity.

I realise my mind, body and emotions can only take so much before I crash. Not taking or forcing downtime, intentionally, guarantees forced downtime at some point.

It is not that I don’t know this and keep forgetting. It is that I disregard the need and importance of downtime.

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