On Downtime, Performance And Longevity

I took this photo at Kalk Bay harbour. Always a very exciting place to go to unwind. I haven’t had much downtime before this, and today I made a point of stopping. Forcing some downtime.

This was critical reminder for me on downtime, performance and longevity.

I realise my mind, body and emotions can only take so much before I crash. Not taking or forcing downtime, intentionally, guarantees forced downtime at some point.

It is not that I don’t know this and keep forgetting. It is that I disregard the need and importance of downtime.

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The Commitments That Suffer Most When Life Gets Hectic

I just got back to the office from the ‘holidays’. I knew there were a lot of important and urgent things awaiting. I successfully resisted the urge to work and tried to focus on building a reserve of strength I’d need when I got back.

As I imagined things are as I had imagined. At the start of the year and I’ve already used, “hectic” as a response and punctuation. Time and excellence are of the essence!

This is only day two in the office and I feel like I’ve already dropped the ball. To start with, exercise. At the start of our break, Ingrid and I started exercising. I started losing weight during Christmas holidays!

It is helpful for us to think and keep in sight the Commitments that suffer most when life gets hectic.

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Why You And Other People Never Get Started

I woke up on the first day of the year, to do something I’d been talking about for almost exactly a year. (We know how we can talk more than we can act). Since we’ve lived walking distance from the sea for a year I’ve been talking about how I wanted to learn how to surf.

It’s appalling that for a year I’ve coddled excuses and forfeited a great experience. That aside, I’ve finally started. Why didn’t I start sooner?! This got me thinking about why you and other people never get started on anything.

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Confessions Of Being Part-Jerk On New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of the year New Year’s Resolutions are declared. There was a time I thought it was dumb. When I realised I was being part jerk I stopped ridiculing people who were setting goals for themselves.

I concluded: what anyone calls their goals or aspirations for a new year doesn’t matter. The great thing is that they have goals. They have The New Year will see me pay attention to new initiatives and stretching myself to achieve more.

Well, we do want to achieve more and greater with each year. There has to be tangible growth. We all want to advance as time moves forward.

Herewith are my confessions of being part-jerk on new year’s resolutions…

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What I Want To Get Out Of Holidays

Holidays or vacations are great things. If used properly they can help you recharge and recoup. This, of course, is based on the assumption that you’ve been working hard and need the time out.

Both our physical and mental energies need restoration often. Balance is a myth. Healthy tensions in normal (whatever that is), everyday life are necessary for us to always do and enjoy life at its best.

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