On What’s Possible And What Isn’t

Debates on what’s possible and what isn’t are always going to be with us. Of all generations we should know better by now. Yet, some skepticism still rules many. Possibility is not about ‘if’ but ‘when’.

So, what makes things possible?

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Inspiring Others To See Their Dreams Through Me

Inspiring others to see their dreams through me…

Misty Copeland is now the principal ballerina at The American Ballet Theatre. Being a professional ballerina is an achievement many hope for but few achieve. This is because it is not easy. I don’t know a lot about ballet but I appreciate the art. Besides talent, it takes hard work and a lot of beating of one’s body.

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The Definition Of Hard Work

I wrote “The NOT Definition Of Hard Work” and that got a few people excited. Now the question some have asked is, “What Is The Definition Of Hard Work”. I’ve said some of my peace on what it is not, now let me state what it is.

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The NOT Definition Of Hard Work

One of the ingredients of success is hard work; fact. As with many of my musings, a post the not definition of hard work seems appropriate.

The significant and impactful happen with focus and effort. There are times, though, for some reasons many embrace hard work alone as the measure.

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Why People Won’t Leave The Masquerade Parade

Why People Fear Sharing Their Real Opinions

The Premise

We’re multi-dimensional. Some people only know some aspects about us. The reason could be we only want to them to see something particular about who we are.

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