The NOT Definition Of Hard Work

One of the ingredients of success is hard work; fact. As with many of my musings, a post the not definition of hard work seems appropriate.

The significant and impactful happen with focus and effort. There are times, though, for some reasons many embrace hard work alone as the measure.

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Why People Won’t Leave The Masquerade Parade

Why People Fear Sharing Their Real Opinions

The Premise

We’re multi-dimensional. Some people only know some aspects about us. The reason could be we only want to them to see something particular about who we are.

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Why I Publish The Imperfect

If you’ve read anything I’ve written it is possible you’ve seen one way or another I could be better as writer. I’m aware I’m not the best writer there is or was. I’m also not among the best of communicators.

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On Opinions And Fact

There are at least, as many opinions, if not more, than the number of people on the planet. In fact I’ve written about how “Opinion Shortage” will never make headline. Ever!

From the Fergueson in America, to Xenophobia in South Africa, to the earthquakes in Nepal and a host of other subjects. Pick a subject and opinions will greet your ear drums.

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Hello Day; Now To Own You!

Start of a new day. Sunrise, a mini “reset”. Hello day; time to own you. The day is already made, then we get to make the day. Not just what’s in it but what we also put in it. Not just what it does to us but we do to the day.

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