Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

There’s so much happening around the world. With some of the things going on I’m wondering: Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

The killings at the Emanuel AME Church members in Charleston have stoked a furore of debates. America (and the world) is in debates about race and history. There’s also a raucous about the confederate flag.

I’m not too well versed with the history but one of the things most seem to say is that it is an emblem with undertones of pro-racism and slavery. Because of this, there is call to bring the flag down.

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Not Every Email Is Necessary

Not every email is necessary. Fact! Emails are the bane of a lot of people’s work. I love writing; I just hate dealing with emails that don’t have to be email. (I should do a blog post about what I hate (maybe also love) about emails.)

Moving along… Emails are necessary. There’s just a threshold they shouldn’t cross. Here are some instances emails are not always necessary:

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Beyond Ourselves


We love these kind of stories. This is a story about one person becoming a hero while making the dream of another come true. It is in the moments we decide that people are more important than our own pride that we get to make a difference that matters. Acting beyond ourselves is something humanity has always, and always be moved by and celebrated.

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